About Fecunditatis

Areas of Specialization

Fecunditatis specializes in helping you better communicate information in the fields of 

  • earth and environmental sciences,

  • physical and chemical sciences,

  • civil and environmental engineering, and

  • chemical engineering and material science 

to audiences including

  • specialized audiences, 

  • technical audiences, 

  • general audiences, and 

  • ​public audiences.


Fecunditatis - Our Name

Fecunditatis was named for Mare Fecunditatis, the moon's Sea of Fecundity. Fecundity is the ability to be highly productive or creative intellectually.

Fecunditatis has creative intellect to help your organization's scientific and technical communications be more productive and powerful. 

infinitely insightful - Our Motto

Insight is the ability to gain a deep intuition or understanding of a situation.

  • Fecunditatis has  insight into your technical message so that the important details are reinforced by your communication process. 

  • Fecunditatis has insight into your audience to tailor your communication to maximize comprehension.

  • Fecunditatis has insight into the art of communication, so that your language and structure choices strengthen your communication efforts. 

Fecunditatis is infinitely insightful in the approach to analyzing communications to maximize impact for your intended audience.