Data Visualization Services

Visualizing data is a complex process. Often data visualization formats that the scientist or engineer is accustomed to viewing and interpreting are not as familiar or obvious to an audience. To help your audience understand and accept your message quickly and effectively, Fecunditatis can help your organization create better, more useful visualizations that stay faithful to the data being presented. All data visualization services include appropriate captions for your visualizations. 

Graph Services

Graphs used as analytic tools and graphs used as evidence should be different. Graphs generated in standard programs are created to be useful analytic tools and often have information that can distract from the information and interpretation you need to convey as evidence. Fecunditatis will help you develop graphs and figures that will help your audience see in seconds what took you minutes or longer to see from your data.​

Cartography Services

Maps are tremendous tools for organizing geospatial data. Computerized GIS systems are capable of combining huge datasets to make complex maps, but impressive cartography requires more than including complex layers of data. To create a useful, intuitive map that will help your audience understand your geospatial data, the integration of datasets into the map must be implemented in ways computers cannot currently do independently. Having an outside reviewer of your cartographic product will help you understand what your audience will learn from your map and determine what modifications you should make so that they learn what you intended. ​

Technical Illustrations Services

There are times when a simplified illustration is more useful for conveying technical information than photographs, and Fecunditatis can develop useful vector illustrations and the annotations that will allow your audience to quickly assimilate the information you present.​