Grant Preparation Services

Grants can be the difference between having an idea and making a difference. Successful grant development and writing involves following exacting directions and helping the grant reviewer see how the project aligns with their priorities. Fecunditatis can help develop competitive grant applications and refine projects to better match funding opportunities. 

Project and Funding Analysis Services

Successfully obtaining project funding requires both matching funding sources to a project and shaping projects to fit funding sources. Often organizations first define a project and then consider funding. Sometimes legacy projects have legacy biases that are both an impediment to funding and no longer necessary. Sometimes a project was developed with funding constraints that would be alleviated by a grant and a bolder vision would better solve the problems a funding agency wants to address. Fecunditatis can help you find the funding source most aligned with the projects you want to complete and help you to shape your project to better align with the funding source’s objectives and requirements.

Grant Organization and Writing Services

The grant application process can require complex, detailed information to be presented in rigid, prescribed formatting and trying to maximize scores in particular areas. Presenting project application information and supporting documentation clearly and concisely within that structure in a way that demonstrates suitability with the unique grant objectives can be challenging. Fecunditatis can help you create concise, compelling application materials that help grant reviewers quickly understand your project and how it fits into their funding program. Fecunditatis can convert highly technical documents into language more appropriate for the grant review process while still retaining the details needed to support the grant application.