Technical Speaking Services

Presenting information to your audience directly can be daunting. While technical writing can be edited and improved by others before it is received by an audience, speaking is transmitted and received without revision. Proper preparation is important to delivering your message successfully. Fecunditatis will help you develop impressive materials and speaking techniques. 

Presentation Preparation and Slide Editing Services

Slide content can be difficult to develop effectively. Fecunditatis can help you create an effective outline for your presentation and determine what visuals will most effectively convey your purpose and message. Fecunditatis also can help you edit developed slides. Often placing figures from written documents is not effective in a projected format. Fecunditatis can transform your print figures into projector figures, simplify on-screen text, and develop a natural flow to your information.

Presentation Practice Services

Great slides are important for a great presentation, but great slides need a speaker. Fecunditatis can help you gain the confidence you need for your presentation. By providing positive feedback and editing suggestions during a practice session, Fecunditatis will help you prepare to deliver the best presentation possible. In addition to standard projection-style presentations, Fecunditatis can help you prepare for product demonstrations, question and answer sessions, and interactions with the public. Fecunditatis will help you anticipate and develop responses for likely comments and questions so that you feel prepared to impress your audience. 

Large Format Design Services

Condensing information from detailed studies and technical reports into a single large-format page is difficult. Designing a technical poster that can both guide a conversation between the presenter and an audience and convey important information in that presenter's absence requires substantial effort. Generally, the poster format is limited to one major point for either a specialized or public audience and the more critical data in support of that point. A well-designed poster utilizes critical audience analysis, superior information design, concise messaging, and quality figures. Fecunditatis can help you translate a long technical documents into a concise poster that targets your message to its intended audience in a captivating and effective way. 

Speaker and Facilitator Training Services

In addition to practice for specific events, Fecunditatis can give a workshop on how to develop and deliver effective presentations. Learn the tricks to develop a presentation, and they will become easier and faster to create and deliver. 

​If your organization often facilitates discussions for clients or others, you can learn tricks for effective facilitation. Learn how to coax participation from everyone so that meetings are more successful. Learn how to use small group time effectively. Learn how to steer the conversation without leading it.