Technical Writing Services

Editing a technical message entails more than just correcting grammar and usage that a computer might miss. To accurately judge the fidelity of your technical message, a deep comprehension of science and engineering is necessary to understand your message and then identify problems in text. Fecunditatis has the necessary technical knowledge to suggest improvements that help your message stay focused. 

Technical Editing and Content Creation Services

Because editing is a collaborative process, Fecunditatis expects that clients will have questions about suggested edits and looks forward to conversations about editing recommendations. The best edits will be multiple-stage edits, but one-time edits are also offered. Because different documents at different stages of document creation require different types of editing. Fecunditatis provides several editing service levels: Content Review: Fecunditatis will read your document and add appropriate questions or comments to help refine the direction of the document. Mechanics or Language are not corrected at this stage. This is appropriate for early drafts and is the fastest of the editing types.

  • Mechanics Review: Fecunditatis will review your document for grammar, spelling, and usage. This review will help the document create a standard tone by applying any applicable style rules. This review assumes that you do not want significant changes in the content, but will make notes of significant technical issues that may be present. This is appropriate for documents that have undergone extensive internal review where content changes are inappropriate.

  • Language Review: Fecunditatis will review your document, correct mechanical errors, apply any style rules, identify content issues and suggest improvements, suggest edits for clarity and concision, and compare text for internal consistency. This level of edit does not verify accuracy of external data presented (unless something is obviously in error) nor does it check references. This is appropriate for most documents.

  • Full Review: Fecunditatis will review your document, correct all language errors, applying any style rules, identify content issues and suggest improvements, suggest edits for clarity and concision, compare text for internal consistency, check references, and verify data accuracy (when possible). This is appropriate for the most important of documents.

Sometimes work requires more than editing existing text. Fecunditatis can provide some content creation to help your organization with its comprehensive technical communications.

    Style Guide Creation and Updating Services

    The best way for an organization to have a uniform voice is to have a prescribed tone in communications. This tone can be implemented more easily by applying a style guide because different members of an organization will know how to write with a more similar manner. This constant tone is especially useful when multiple authors contribute to a single work as often happens in technical work. Fecunditatis can help you create or update your templates so that everyone presents information in a standard format, your usage guide so that everyone uses words in a standard way, and your procedures so that everyone writes with a standard approach. This will help your organization create documents that require less editing to be ready for delivery to an outside audience and will help you more easily recycle text from one document to another.

    Technical Writing Workshop Services

    Fecunditatis can run workshops to train your technical, marketing, and support personnel to be better technical writers. Improving the initial writing is always easier and more cost-effective than substantial editing at the end of the process. Fecunditatis can provide a brown-bag talk, a two-day workshop, or something in between to help your employees learn to think about communicating technical information more effectively.